Shopping in Chamonix

Chamonix has a wide selection of shops, ranging from fashion, sports, worldwide known brands and local products.

Sports and Brands

Some of the worldwide known brands that can be found in Chamonix:

Rip Curl
Ralph Lauren

Chamonix is a sports haven, so it is understandable that it has many shops to cater for everything you need!

The North Face
Helly Hansen
Peak Performance
Snell Sports
Technique Extreme

Food and Drink

Whilst there are plenty of wonderful places to go out to eat and drink, there are also many great shops and boutiques where you can buy incredible ingredients to enjoy eating at home. 


Cheese Forever in Chamonix Centre is a great place to explore the cheeses of France and the mountains. 


ChaChaCha is a great place to go out for a drink or listen to some live music however it also sells a great selection of wines and spirits including the Chamonix speciality, Genepi.


There are many places in Chamonix Centre than sell incredable selections of meats and cuts. Just take a wonder down the pedestrian zone and follow your nose!


Aux Petits Gourmands doesn't just sell macarons but also choclates, bread and other sweet treats. 

Supermarkets and Markets

For the everyday basics there are a number of places across the valley for your convenience.

Other Supermarkets

  • Carrefour - free parking and a petrol station on the Route Blanche, after the Grepon Carpark
  • Carrefour Contact - Les Houches 
  • Petit Casino - Five various locations across central Chamonix
  • Sherpa- smaller grocery shops in Chamonix
  • L'Epicerie - Les Praz small local shop with fresh produce and artisan cheese and meats
  • Spar - Chamonix Sud, Place Edmond Desalloud. Closed in Autumn

Super U

  • Chamonix - 2 storey supermarket in the centre of town
  • Argentiere - free parking and a petrol station
  • Les Houches - free parking and a patrol station
  • Les Pelarins - small express with free parking


Saturday Market

This is every Saturday mornng from 08:00 - 13:00 at Place du Mont-Blanc with a wide variety of local endors selling clothing, antiques., meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.


Les Houches

Les Praz

Chamonix Centre

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