Ronin Skis

We are just recovering from the excitement of the Kandahar World Cup here in Chamonix. After seeing this trilling downhill race we are more than ever keen on working on our own skiing skills. A perfect time to try out Chamonix’s newest brand of skis: Ronin. 

Handmade in Chamonix

It’s hardly surprising that Chamonix - often referred to as mountaineering capitol of the world - is home to some strong outdoor brands, such as Simond. Inspired by its majestic surroundings Simond has been developing mountaineering equipment for over 150 years. 

It’s neither surprising that a craftsman like Jonno Jacobs, who’s been living and skiing in the Chamonix valley for longer then a decade, got inspired by those same surroundings to create his own line of skis.   

Ronin 109

In the last six years Jonno has been working on perfecting his handmade skis finding a balance between performance and playfulness. Now that he feels he found that perfect balance, he has recently released the Ronin 109 ski on the market.

“The Ronin 109 is that ski, designed to be skied everyday irrespective of the conditions.” states designer Jonno proudly. “With 109mm underfoot Ronin 109 provides enough surface area for skiing powder and if the conditions are firm it is not so wide that spending all day in the bumps will come at the expense of painful knees. The flex is medium, responsive and playful. The ski has traditional camber providing responsiveness and a medium rocker profile in the tip to help with variable snow conditions and powder.”

Try it yourself!

You can see Ronin skis in action in the video going down the Glacier Rond from the Aiguille du Midi. If the movie makes you excited to try Ronin skis yourself you can visit:

Concept Pro Shop - Place de l'Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix 

Or you can visit for more information. 


Source: SvV

Published on: 29 Feb 12:46