Events in Chamonix

All year-round there are some amazing events going on in Chamonix, from small local gatherings to large sporting adventures. Have a look at our events calender to stay up to speed with the action and get informed about all the major annual Chamonix events, such as: 

Piolets d'Or  (9-12 April 2015)

The Piolets d'Or is the Oscars of the Alpine world. This yearly event celebrates the greatest ascents, awarding those with Piolets d'Or (golden ice axes). Each year the event celebrates the triumphs of the toughest and most imaginative men and women mountaineers. More than just the recognition of a performance, the Piolets d'Or celebrates passion, spirit and values.

Marathon du Mont Blanc (26 -28 June 2015)

If you love hiking in the mountains and enjoy running then the Marathon du Mont Blanc is your ultimate challenge.  42kms with an altitude gain of over 1000 meters, this high-altitude race takes you on a journey up and around the beautiful mountains that surround Chamonix.  An annual event that is full every year, attracting thousands of competitors and encouraging spectators.  There is also the Cross du Mont Blanc (half the distance), KM Vertical and 10KM du Month Blanc enabling everyone to be involved in the weekend event.

Chamonix Yoga Festival (3 - 5 July 2015)

An amazing yoga festival with world class teachers. During this festival yoga is being thought inside as well as outside. Being surrounded by the beautiful peaks of the Majestic Mont Blanc massif is a true yoga experience! 

Outdoor Climbing Championships (11 – 13 July 2015)

An incredible event where some of the worlds finest speed and technical climbers battle it out for the title. A 3 day action packed event with lots of climbing and extra activities going on all day and into the evening. The finals are usually held at night, under floodlights, with Mont Blanc as an inspirational backdrop. Some years this is a World Cup event, some a European Championship event and others both - whichever it is on the year you visit the climbers and their feats will impress.

Cosmo Jazz Festival (25 July - 2 Aug 2015)

This is a fantastic music event with concerts set around some of Chamonix's most amazing locations, such as the top of the Aiguille du Midi, Lac Blanc and Grand Montets. Down in the valley it is all about Apérojazz with the streets of Chamonix resonating to the jazzy sounds of brass bands scattered all around town. In the evening musicians gather and play at Cham jam sessions until late in the night.

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (24 to 31 Aug 2015)

Over the course of three days, participants cover a total of 168kms, 3 countries, 7 valleys, experiencing a difference in altitude of 9600 meters. It is a race that tests endurance, fitness, mental as well as physical strength. Chamonix is the start and finish line but you can cheer on the competitors as they pass through various areas of the course.  Each of these areas celebrates the achievement of the runners by holding a fete with concerts, BBQ's and general encouragement.


Source: SvV

Published on: 10 Mar 00:00